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Jeremy Graham, #318810, is currently incarcerated at Winslow-Apache Unit in St. Johns, Arizona. Arizona Truth-in-Sentencing laws allow for an inmate to be eligible for earned release credits that could reduce their prison sentence up to a maximum 15% of the term for good behavior. A model prisoner, Jeremy has achieved his GED and impressed ADOC staff with his talent and intellect. Currently classed at the most minimum security level, his scheduled release date is February 20, 2022.
His words: Despite being incarcerated, I am happier now than I have ever been because I found grace in a Razorwire Sunrise.
I would like to thank my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. My wife Amy, my daughters, Sydney and Destiny, my Brother Ryan, my Sister Kristi, my Dad Jack, my Mama Shelley, George and Dolores, all of my friends and fans that helped make this experience as comfortable as possible. Duane Woods and Pyramix Studios, John Rickard for the pedal steel, Lavender, Baca, Ochoa, Messenger, Ross, Wagner, Clement, Hobbs, Manning, Josh, Cedric, Holembeak, Keller, and a huge thanks to the following staff at RRCC – Warden Stolc, Warder Fizer, CO4 Henricks, WIPP Coordinator Grewe, Business Manager Konrath, Grievance Coordinator McNamer, Visitation officers Harper and Bedoy (thanks for being quiet) Chaplain Hendricks and Chaplain Thibodeaux.
God bless you All!
Jeremy Graham